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We welcome you to the Prayer Times Toronto platform, where we try to support the large Muslim community in Toronto. Our purpose is to provide the accurate prayer times of the different mosques present in Toronto. We provide a calculator of daily prayer times, Friday prayer, Shia (Jaffri) school prayer times, and Ramadan calendars on our website.

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Our platform shows the beauty of Islam, the faith that unites people across countries. We welcome you to explore, learn, and participate. May your journey be filled with light, understanding, and peace.

Prayer time calculator

We know the importance of finding the exact prayer hours in your nearby mosque. Our user-friendly tool can help you locate the exact prayer hours for various mosques in Toronto. This calculator is based on the longitude and latitude directions of different mosques. These directions give the accurate time of daily prayer and also on Friday, they give the Friday (jummah) prayer time in different mosques in Toronto. We provide the countdown timer for the next prayer time.

Shia (Jaffri) prayer timings

Ramadan is a holy month celebrated with blessings, self-analysis, and shared spirit. Each year, our staff carefully maintains the Ramadan calendar, ensuring that you have access to the Sehr (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (break of fast) times. Our Ramadan calendar is based on both Sunni (Hanif) and Shia (Jafri) Ramadan timings. Save our calendar to stay updated during this glorious month.

Eid prayer timings

Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha are two major Islamic festivals that are celebrated with excitement, thankfulness, and community prayers. We provide you with both Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha prayer timings in Toronto.

About mosques in Toronto

Our platform is dedicated to serving the vibrant Muslim community in Toronto. Our mission is to provide essential information about mosques, prayer facilities, and community centers across the city. Toronto’s mosques are not just places of worship; they are centers of unity and learning.

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We are proud of our commitment to accuracy. Our prayer times are properly calculated using astronomical data, so you may rely on them for everyday worship.

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We believe in building awareness of the community. Connect with other worshipers, share your experiences, and take part in debates on our platform. Together, we can develop our faith and provide support for one another.


Our website is available on all devices. You may easily find prayer times, Ramadan information, and community resources from home, work, or on the road. 

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We welcome you to explore our website, use our resources, and participate in our community. We invite you to explore these mosques, participate in community events, and deepen your spiritual connection.

Let us grow together in faith, compassion, and harmony. If you have any recommendations or feedback, please get in touch with us. Your spiritual path may receive abundant blessings!