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Jammi Mosque, located in the center of Toronto, is a beloved institution that provides a place of prayer for the city’s Muslim community. Jami Mosque is the city’s oldest Islamic center and is commonly referred to as “the mother of all mosques in Toronto.”

It is situated in the dynamic city of Toronto. Muslims who are situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, face difficulty regarding prayer time in the nearby mosque.

We will examine the historical background of Jammi Masjid, its significance, and the valuable services it offers the Muslim community as well as others.

So, I write this article for the people who want to know about the prayer time and also about the Jammi Mosque (masjid), Toronto. I also wrote about the Masjid Toronto in my other article.

prayer times table of Jammi Mosque

In this article, I provide you with the whole month-long timetable of Jammi Mosque Toronto. In this table, you will find both Sunni, Hanbli, Maliki, and Shafi prayer times.

Actually, there is no big difference between Hanbli, Maliki, Shafi, and Sunni prayer times, but there is a difference in Asr prayer time.

So, I mentioned in the table which time is Sunni’s and which time is another fiqa. This table of prayer times is according to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

Jammi Mosques


Originally built in 1910 as a Presbyterian church, the building became the first Islamic place of worship in Toronto when the tiny immigrant Muslim minority in the city bought it in 1969.

Over the past few decades, Jami Mosque has become a valued institution not only among its local and culturally diverse Muslim residents but also throughout the Toronto community.

The local and incredibly varied Muslim congregation at Jami Mosque, as well as the larger Toronto community, have grown to cherish this valued institution over the last five decades.

By providing specialized Islamic services and remaining an open, inviting space for everyone to worship, Jami Mosque keeps being able to help the local community.”

Architectural beauty

The mosque’s architecture is evidence of its precise artistry and great attention to design. It is a captivating view that represents the elegance of Islamic architecture with its graceful domes, minarets, and elaborate ornamentation.

The mosque’s interior has a calm atmosphere that makes it an ideal spot for prayer, reflection, and spiritual connection.

Services of the mosque

Food Bank

The Food Bank, founded in 2008, is their flagship initiative that has been functioning for 11 years with the help of 65 volunteers devoted to assisting the disadvantaged.

food bank donate for needy people

In 2019, they fed 7,257 households, totaling 34,599 people and 5,500 breakfasts. The total weight of food supplied was 433,583 pounds, and our cost was $271,623 dollars.

We think that no one should have to worry about eating themselves or their families, which is why we try to guarantee that everyone has sufficient food.

Please contribute to this good cause and earn Sadaqa J’aariah for yourself in the Hereafter.

Thank you, and may Allah SWT bless you and your family abundantly. Ameen.


marriage by jami mosque

Finding love and getting married are unique times in life. If you are a Muslim and want to marry, certain Jami Masjids provide nikah services. This religious ritual, led by an imam [Muslim religious leader], marks the beginning of a Muslim marriage. 



Losing a loved one is painful. We provide excellent and caring assistance to help and make things simpler.

CALL 1-855-4-JANAZA 

Community engagement

Jammi Mosque is more than just a place of worship; it also actively participates in community participation and development projects. The mosque hosts a variety of programs and events to promote cooperation, interfaith communication, and social welfare.

These programs seek to promote a sense of belonging and tolerance among the Muslim community as a whole.

community engagement

Cultural and educational initiatives

Jammi Mosque recognizes the value of knowledge and education and provides a variety of educational programs for all age groups. The mosque strives to enrich the lives of its community members by providing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, including Quranic studies, Islamic classes, language courses, and cultural activities.

Social welfare and support

The mosque is deeply committed to supporting the larger community through a variety of social welfare programs. It actively participates in charity activities, such as food drives, clothing drives, and shelter support for the community.

These activities show the Islamic principles of compassion and highlight the mosque’s commitment to making a good contribution to society. Jammi Mosque actively promotes intercultural communication and understanding by organizing activities that bring together people from all religious traditions.

These projects aim to encourage understanding, mutual respect, and harmony within Toronto’s multicultural society.


Jammi Mosque in Toronto represents faith, unity, and brotherhood. Its historical significance, architectural beauty, and dedication to community engagement make it a beloved institution among Muslims and a shining example of interfaith harmony in the city.

Jammi Mosque continues to serve its community as a major center for spiritual growth, education, and social welfare, embracing the values of kindness, diversity, and service to mankind.


It is the oldest and largest mosque in Toronto. It is also known as the “mother of all mosques.” The little immigrant Muslim community eventually bought the church, which had been constructed in 1910 as a Presbyterian church.

Jammi Mosque is the oldest and largest mosque in Toronto. It is also known as the mother of all mosques” present in Toronto.

The time of Jummah prayer in Jammi Mosque is 1:30 p.m.

The time of Fajar prayer in Jammi Mosque is 6:15 AM.

Yes, I can provide the current timetable for Masjid Toronto.

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