Tahajjud prayer

Sometimes you just need a little time to yourself, head in sujjod, tears in eyes, and all duas on your lips. Allah knows what is in your heart and on your lips.

I always wonder how people get closer to Allah. Then I read about Tahajjud prayer, which is the solution to every problem. If you also want to get closer to Allah, then I will tell you what you should do.

Optional or Nafil prayers

Nafli prayer plays an important role in Islam. While obligatory prayer is compulsory for all Muslims, these Nafli prayers are optional. If a Muslim offers Nafli prayer, then they’ll be closer to Allah.

There is a lot of virtue and reward in reading the Nafila prayers after the obligatory prayers. We should offer daily prayer on time. We provide you with accurate Obligatory Prayer time but through Nawafil, we also get closer to Allah. Allah Talah showers his special favor on this servant.

There are so many Nafli prayers in Islam. What I’m discussing in this article is Tahajjud prayer.

Tahajjud prayer

The Arabic root word “hajada,” which means to “stay awake or wake up,” is where the phase “Tahajjud” originates. The optional nighttime prayer is known as Tahajjud. It is very important in Islam. It is offered prior to the Fajr prayer and following the Isha prayer.

Tahajjud is a prayer of love. A prayer that a person performs not for his own sake but for the love of Allah. The sky is full of stars, and there is silence everywhere. Then man has a long talk with Allah in solitude.

That sujjod of Tahajjud is so calm that it seems as if our hearts will leave the body. Then everything that has been incomplete is completed.

Pair this up with Tahajjud and Wallahi, and you’ll get addicted to waking up for Tahajjud and having that special connection with Allah. I’m not trying to blow my trumpet, but I say this from experience, and if a sinner like me can experience it, everyone can, insha’Allah.

A time between you and Allah, pray as much as you can, ask for forgiveness, and pray that Allah grants you your very desires and wishes. Tahajjud is a time when Allah comes down to the lowest of heavens and grants those who are sincerely asking for forgiveness, mercy, and those who are sincerely asking for something, ease.

Tahajjud is life-changing. We need to break this negative stereotype surrounding Tahajjud and show how difficult it is. Tahajjud and sincerity in your duas are the keys to your dreams becoming reality.

When should I pray the Tahajjud prayer?

The optimal time is the last part of the night, which might be anywhere between midnight and morning. This time period is seen to be very fortunate and peaceful, making it ideal for concentrated prayer. 
Many Muslims opt to recite Tahajjud just before Fajr (dawn prayer). It’s an effective method to request forgiveness and direction as the new day starts.

There is no clear beginning or finish point in the final portion of the night. It’s all about finding a time that works for you, whether it’s around midnight or immediately before Fajr. 

Tahajjud is a personal journey. Find a moment when you can be focused and present in your prayer, even if just for a little while. 

Facts about Tahajjud prayer

Tahajjud is a free appointment that you have with Allah. The peace was on the next level and unmatched after praying Tahajjud and making dua. It literally releases all stress and worries.

Tahajjud is so powerful that literally the impossible can happen for you if Allah wills it. If you keep making dua with lots of tawakkul in your heart, you’ll be answered by Allah in the most amazing ways.

Tahajjud is hope; no matter how tough life gets, you’re not alone, and there is always hope in the darkness. So, never underestimate the power of Tahajjud, for it can ignite a light within your soul that will lead you through the darkest of times.

Tahajjud is a place where your dreams will turn into reality, where the impossible will be possible, where life can be easy again, your path will be lit, and your life will begin to shine. The intensity of the duas asked in tahajjud can’t be compared or rejected. Pray sincerely, and never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.

Muslims who pray Tahajjud rise up late at night to offer this unique prayer. It is seen as an extremely moral act of worship and is advised for believers who want to get closer to Allah, ask for pardon, and look to Him for guidance in their lives.

Tahajjud is itself a peace.

Tahajjud is easy! Tahajjud is amazing!

Related hadith regarding Tahajjud prayer:

He heard Humaid bin ‘Abdur-Rahman say:

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘The best prayer after the obligatory (fard) prayers is prayer at night, and the best fasting after the month of Ramadan is Al-Muharram.” (Sunan an-Nasa’i 1614)


Tahajjud is an opportunity to talk to the best listener. Tahajjud is the key to pleasing Allah the most and getting your duas answered. Tahajjud is so powerful that literally the impossible can happen for you if Allah wills it. Keep praying; miracles are right before your eyes. Insha’Allah!


The time of tahajjud prayer in Toronto starts after the Isha prayer and till before the Fajar prayer.

There are 2 rakats nafil minimum, and it has no limit to end. Our beloved Prophet offers 8 rakats and, after that, 3 witters of Isha prayer.

At the time of Tahajjud, Allah comes to the first sky and listens to all duas that we invoked at that time.

Tahajjud prayer is preferred by Allah after obligatory prayer. It is optional, but highly recommended.

There are many benefits of tahajjud, as follows:

  • You’ll be closer to Allah.
  • It will give you mental peace.
  • Impossible changes into possible
  • It will protect you from the devil.
  • forgive all your sins.

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